TEXEL shares and solves issues with customers.

Greetings / Managerial Policy

Greetings / Managerial Policy

The Customers' Needs, Our Top Priority.

During our 60-year history, we at Seikow Chemical Engineering have always listened to our customers problems and concerns, and by understanding their needs, we have found various solutions enabling us to stay on the path of continuous improvement. Corrosion-resistant / Plastic / Environmental preservation are summed up in our Keyword, and 4 TEXEL products and industries, such as Pumps, fans / blowers, Environmental Equipment and Maintenance, are the embodiment.

Our Proposal and Solution Our Customers.

It has always been our philosophy at Seikow Chemical Engineering to join together with our customers to form a genuine partnership allowing us to find better solutions or alternatives to problems and further develop and refine our products.

Co-existence and Co-prosperity with Our Customers.

Co-existence and co-prosperity with our customers is indeed our managemental philosophy where we develop our unique technology while recognizing our role to apply all that we develop in more extended use and market, in order to prosper with our customers.

Shoji Nakagawa
President and Representative Director

Management Principles

  1. Just as it is everybody’s desire to help others it is our wish to produce high quality products that will contribute to humanity.
  2. Just as humanity and love are the foundation for personal relationships, we believe in co-existence and co-prosperity with our business partners.

Management Goals

  1. To achieve high customer satisfaction and absolute trust in our products and services.
  2. To constantly develop new products and technologies to meet the needs of our customers.
  3. To be recognized worldwide for our maximum cost effectiveness and efficiency.
  4. To become a highly efficient and profitable enterprise with excellent wages and working conditions.

Quality Policy

  1. We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction with our products and services.
  2. We aim to push forward with out product and technology development to meet the changing demands of our customers.
  3. We aim to implement the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement on our manufacturing system, processes and products.

Environmental Policy

  1. Continue to provide with our environmental conservation products and devices.
  2. Ensure that our business activities, products and services are in harmony with the global environment.
  3. Implement and carry out the following guidelines for environmental conservation.
    • Prevent global warming through energy and resource conservation.
    • Minimize the impact on the environment with product life cycle.
    • Reduce the impact on the environment with continuous improvement in our business practices.
    • Compliance with laws and regulations