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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery, Ltd (hereafter known as “The Company”) and its customers recognize their obligation in taking appropriate measures to ensure all personal information is protected. The Company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Laws and strive to protect all personal data under the following policy

Personal Information Management

The Company will comply with all Personal Information Protection Laws in regards to the disclosure, loss and damage of personal information and implement its own internal safety management measures in order to protect such personal information. Moreover, all of our employees are trained in the appropriate handling of personal information.

Collection, and Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  1. Collection of personal information will be handled in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Laws. The Company will only receive and use information after specifying the purpose of use and obtaining customer’s consent either in writing or through the web site.
  2. The Company, during the course of its business, may gather and use personal information from the website, etc. in accordance with the ‘Purpose of Use’ listed below
    • When fulfilling a contract (products or services)
    • When providing and proposing information on products and services
    • When making requests, correspondence and replies for the research on the design and use of products and services
    • When handling Inquiries, requests, etc., on products, services and so on
    • When carrying out our business and services entrusted by the customer
  3. Information disclosed to the public may be used for “providing and proposing information on products and services” and as “a guide for exhibitions, seminars, training, prize contests or other events”, only if the purpose of its disclosure does not conflict with the Company’s purpose of its use.
  4. Customers’ personal information obtained through events held by customers, etc. may be “provided and proposed on products and services” only when it is provided by the information provider who agrees with the purpose of provision and use.
    • When compliying with all laws and relevant regulations
    • When it is necessary to protect the great benefit of the public lives, health, possessions, etc.of either the information provider or the public.
    • When information, such as statistical data, is disclosed to public in condition where its provider cannot be identified.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases

  1. When complying with all laws and relevant regulations
  2. When permission of the information provider is obtained

Inquiries, Disclosure Procedure for Personal Information

  1. If the information provider or any proxy thereof wishes to disclose, correct, delete, suspend or reject their personal information, they should please refer to the “Contact Page” for irs procedure.
  2. If the information provider or any proxy thereof requests to disclose their personal information, the Company will reply, by registered post (with a certificate of delivery), within a reasonable amount of time. Postage will be charged to the information provider. (Please use the disclosure request form designated by the Company, and send 800yen in stamps by registered post (with a certificate of delivery) to cover the cost.)

Handling of Personal Information on the Web Site

The Company keeps the access log whenever a customer accesses our web site. This information is only used to keep a tab on how our web site is accessed, and to indentify the information provider only on pages which require user authentication.

The Arbitrary Nature of Collected Items

All personal information the Company collects for various items is provided with the “customer’s intent” to give it. Please ensure, either in writing or on the web site, that contents of services obtained in prior to giving your personal information.

Policy Revisions

The Company will strive to continuously make various improvements by changing use purposes, improving safety, and keeping up with the revisions in laws and regulations. Please know in advance that there may be revisions in this “Privacy Policy” without prior notice. Any changes or revisions will be posted on our web site.