TEXEL Fluid & Environmental technology Products



Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery’s Corrosion Resistant Technology. For All Industrial Activities.

The core technology of “corrosion resistance” makes it possible to use gas that is generated from corrosion-resistant pumps that are indispensable for social infrastructure, corrosion-resistant blowers that play an active part in exhaust and ventilation in factories, research facilities and sewage treatment facilities, etc., manufacturing sites and chemical plants High-performance exhaust gas treatment system that reliably captures and removes. Four of them, R & D, manufacturing, and maintenance, are products and businesses of our own brand “Texel”.

Through long-term study and research we are able to produce high performance, highly efficient and extremely corrosive resistant magnetic drive pumps which are completely leakage free. With a wide variety of models and types, these pumps are able to handle all industrial liquid chemical transference processes, highly resistant against sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, ferric chloride, hydrofluoric acid, etc,.

It is our goal to provide environmentally safe Fans and Blowers for exhaust gas removal and ventilation of Factories, Labs, Research Facilities and Sewage Treatment Factorys etc. Our Fans and Blowers, which are capable of working reliably for extended periods of time, will ensure the safe removal of corrosive gases.
Many years of research and development together with using PVC and FRP corrosive resistant materials have improved safety and reliability, enabling our Fans and Blowers to deal effectively with any situation.

Equipment for the highly efficient and reliable removal of acids and water soluble gases that occur during metalworking and chemical processes found in the iron, steel, fertilizer production and electrical industries.
Used nationwide in a wide variety of places from high-tech industries to public sewage treatment facilities these environmental protection machines eliminate noxious gases and are extremely effective in pollution control and environmental conservation.