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Deodorizing Device

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Deodorizing Device

Texel Deodorizing Device is equipped with a system to deodorize smells from low to high concentrations generated in sewage, human waste, agricultural and fishery wastewater treatment facilities by accurately adjusting to odor sources.

Activated Charcoal Filter Tower


Simple Activated Charcoal Filter Tower


Activated Carbon Absorption Tower


AC Model (Series)

  • Optimal use for low concentration odorous gas removal.
  • Very economical as the removable absorbent material may be recycled and reused.
  • Maintenance is easy as the only moving part is the fan.
  • Easy operational Control and low cost.

Biological Deodorizing Tower


BB Model (Series)

  • Biological carrier
  • Low running cost
  • High deodorization performance
  • Operation and maintenance is easy
  • Safety excellency

Chemical Cleaning Tower


CC Model (Series)

  • Economical chemical processing to suit most general processing factorys
  • Compact horizontal method employed
  • Complete processing without an absorption tower
  • Fully automated

Overflow Rectifier


OR Model (Series)

Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Equipment

  • Environmentally friendly by reducing hydrogen sulfide concentration by 50~80%
  • Extends activated carbon lifetime
  • Concrete corrosion inhibitor reduces cost
  • Environmentally friendly through noise reduction

Odor Resistant Covering