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Environmental Conservation Measures

Environmental Conservation Measures

Fundamental Approaches on Environmental Conservation

Ever since our establishment, we have followed our in house policy of manufacturing superior anti-corrosive plastic for our chemical machines and equipment.

Now that high industrial development has caused “damage to the global environment”, it has been widely agreed that industrial development can only take place in conjunction with global environmental conservation.
It is from this background that we shoulder our responsibility of global conservation through our products. Our scrubber, deodorizing devices, water treatment facilities, corrosive resistant pumps and ventilators, cooling towers and heat recovery systems, all contribute to global environmental conservation through air pollution control and water resource management.

Furthermore, our after sales service will ensure an extremely effective and efficient long life on our products.

We recognize that the global environmental problem is most important for all mankind and it is our fundamental principle to continue research and development of not only our products and services but of our business as a whole in pursuit of global environmental harmony.

Using this basic principle as a guideline for Environmental Conservation Action Agenda , we strive to take necessary measures to promote global conservation and to eliminate environmental pollution.

Environmental Conservation Action Agenda

  1. Promote energy saving activities for the global warming prevention
  2. Promote conservation of resources.
  3. Aim to minimize the environment impact of our products’ life cycle.
  4. Aim to set various goals for a complete environmental action plan that sets out a program for continuous development to assess and reduce the impact on the environment created by business activities.
  5. Fully comply with legislation and rigorously follow other relating requirements.

Through education and training, these objectives will become common knowledge and standard operating practice among all our employees, and future aims and goals will be regularly reviewed. Furthermore all our achievements and objectives will be available to the public via various printed matters and our web site.

ISO Information

Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery, Ltd an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified company, operates Quality Management System as well as Environmental Management System on pumps, fans/blowers.