Corrosion resistance and fluid control technology That's TEXEL's Technology.

Corrosion Resistant Fan / Blower


Corrosion Resistant Fan / Blower

Exceptionally Corrosion-resistant, high performing and highly functional, TEXEL FRP fans/blowers are the dependable choice for exhaust and ventilation applications in various factories, labs universites, and sewage/raw sewage treatment plants. Choose from our wide selection of corrosion resistant FRP fans/blowers for any applications.

■ Capacity Range

* You can see the product information of the corresponding model by clicking the compatible area of ​​the capacity chart.

As a blower for corrosive gases and odorous gases in various factories, research facilities, universities and sewage treatment facilities, we have earned high trust in its high corrosion resistance, high performance and high functionality.

Direct acting type is standardized by Sirocco fan CES type and Turbo fan FTF type. Depending on the type of motor, CES type has general purpose motor CES-D and inverter mounted motor CES-V type, and FTF type has its structure, FTF-MD type in which the blower spindle is integrally connected to the motor shaft, blower spindle, Coupling FFT-MC type with coupling box with integral oil lubrication type bearing box is available.

In both impellers and casings made of FRP, there are a motor direct acting GFD type compatible with a small capacity range and a belt driven GFV type compatible with general-purpose motors. In addition, we have a lineup of large capacity PVC-made GFs.

Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery, Ltd,. designs and manufactures a wide range of peripheral equipment necessary for installation, ducting and operation of blowers. Of course high corrosion resistance, high quality. You can save time for distributed design, distributed ordering and management by batch ordering with the blower.

Specially designed products are also compatible with specifications that can not be handled with standard products.
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